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Annual Reflection and a Vision for the New Year

A breather to recalibrate your direction

Are you longing for something nourishing, to reconnect with your higher self and draw strength and inspiration for your next steps?
I’ve done that many times and so can you!

The year is coming to an end and in the northern hemisphere it’s winter: Nature is going into hibernation and invites us to slow down, too. Now is the time to pause and reflect what happened in the last twelve months – and how you want to move forward. Readjust the direction of your life and recharge your batteries before the new year starts.

Your personal retreat

In this online course I’ll share my way of planning a retreat so that you can plan your own.

Whether you have 3 days in a hotel or 2 hours in your own bedroom: plan a retreat, that fits your situation and schedule, your preferences and needs.

Take time for yourself, you deserve it!

What to expect

This online course will be part workshop, part training.

During the live session, you will explore your own intention to retreat

I give handy tipps about the practicalities of retreating: Where? How long? What to bring?

You brainstorm activities (and places) that suit YOUR intention.

I present building blocks that you can use to design your personal opening and closing ceremony.

I’ll walk you through my own methods, specifically for the yearly review and creating a vision

You will walk away with a plan, how your personal retreat can look like and clear steps how to organize it. You can then pick whatever date suits you best to carry it out.

Of course you can repeat that process whenever you want to go on retreat again and adjust it to your needs in that situation.

Imagine this…

It’s the beginning of your precious time alone.

You know exactly how to start.

It’s easy to get into the right headspace.

You have everything at hand that you need.

No need to google for exercises, you have all the instructions..

You are exited and looking forward because it’s exactly
what YOU want and need.

Sounds good?
Then join us for „How to retreat“!

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Regular Ticket


Ticket to virtual training:
December 15, 3-5pm CET
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VIP Ticket


20 spots only!

Ticket to virtual training:
December 15, 3-5pm CET
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Private Signal group for accountability and support
VIP Live Session:
January 13 2023, 3-5pm CET


What is the VIP option?

As stated above, the online session will give you everything you need, to plan and prepare your own retreat.
For everyone who wants a little extra support and connection I am offering a private Signal group.

Until January 13 you’ll have direct access to me to ask your questions.

As a part of the group you’ll have a higher level of accountability, so you’re more likely to actually make your retreat a reality!

Looking to adjust one of the exercises to your needs?
Unsure whether you should cancel you retreat because something else came up for that day? (Spoiler: No, you shouldn’t!)
Need more inspiration?
Your peers and I have got your back!
You can do this!

On January 13 we will have a VIP Follow Up Session. We get together online and share our results.
Doing so makes it much more likely to actually take the necessary steps towards your goal for 2023. Together we will brainstorm actionable steps for each of us to implement in our everyday life.

Who’s teaching?

My name is Marie-Pascale and I am an illustrator for sustainability communication. Some years ago I was very intrigued that companies go on retreats, spending time at inspiring places and thinking about how to evolve their business. I felt sad, that as a solopreneur I couldn’t do this – until I realized I could! And than I did! Over the years I have evolved my retreat practice and have shifted from a pure “business-retreat” to a more wholesome approach.

Read more about my personal retreat journey.