WorldEthicForum 2022
analogue, 7m x 1,5m
In August 2022 I joined the team of the WorldEthicForum in Pontresina and scribed during the first firekeeper meeting. Over the course of 3 days I created a seven meter wide visualization. The firekeepers used the wall for their individual reflection and I also guided the goup through a visual resonace process.
The forum was an incredibly intense, transformative experience. The theme of the gathering was „Radically shared aliveness“, which (in my words and understanding) means to acknowledge that all beings, human or non-human, have rights and to try to restore these rights if we have limited them in the past. The facilitators did an amazing job putting that motto to life. They empathized the connection to the land and the ancestral roots of everyone in the room. They made sure, participants were not only exchanging intellectually but also sensing the poly crisis with their bodies. And in important moments Linard Bardill , songwriter and initiator of the forum sang with the group. All together we created a container so strong, that it became possible to open up to the unbearable pain of our current global situation.