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It’s time to reconnect with your higher self

Humans are a part of nature and like everything in nature, we need to follow cycles of activity and retreat. While winter is seen as the classical season for retreat, summer offers itself for completely different reasons: many businesses slow down, the weather enables us to spend a lot of time outside and sunshine and warm temperatures make everything feel light.

Now is a great time to withdraw from your ordinary life, reconnect with your higher self and have a fresh look at your inner compass. Readjust the direction of your life and recharge your batteries for the second half of the year.


Retreating in solitude is an awesome way to open up to your inner wisdom. Yet it doesn’t come easy for everyone. Being alone for one or two days without any distractions, with no phone no Netflix, and no company can be challenging. It takes a bit of practice to form a safe emotional container for yourself and sustain it over a period of time. When you’re new to retreats, you might also be unsure about what to do with your alone time. How does your retreat become a retreat? What will set it apart from any other holiday? How will you manage to go deep?

That’s why I am offering to guide you through your retreat experience.

A Guided Retreat

The Visual Summer Retreat will be a guided experience:

In a preparation call we will plan your personal retreat together.

I will suggest methods and exercises based on your specific needs.

You choose where you want to go on retreat, every place with an internet connection works.

Throughout the two days I will hold the space for you and offer a strong container that you can evolve in. Phases of solitude will alternate with online group meetings

We start and end each day together. In between we get together to exchange, for guided meditations, yoga and visual exercises.

The group energy will help you to stick to your retreat intention and will deepen your experience.

In mirroring exercises you will get new perspectives from your peers.

We end the retreat with your transition to everyday life. You will walk away with clarity and insights that you can use right away.

Visual Sensemaking

At the heart of the retreat, I will guide you through the Visual Sensemaking process, a method that I developed together with Kelvy Bird.

This method helps you map and make sense of your current conditions while unearthing future possibility—through the process of drawing. No previous drawing skills are needed!

Here are some voices from previous participants of
“Visual Sensemaking”

Your retreat guide

My name is Marie-Pascale and I am an illustrator for sustainability communication. Some years ago I was very intrigued that companies go on retreats, spending time at inspiring places and thinking about how to evolve their business. I felt sad, that as a solopreneur I couldn’t do this – until I realized I could! And than I did! Over the years I have evolved my retreat practice and have shifted from a pure “business-retreat” to a more wholesome approach.


June 3 -10: early bird signup

June 11-23: regular singup

June 24 preparation call

July 1-2 retreat

This is included 

  • 2 hour preparation call
  • a retreat booklet to help you plan your retreat (delivered as a PDF)
  • personal suggestions for methods and exercises based on your specific needs.
  • common start and closing on the retreat days
  • 2 more group calls per day of 1-2 hours each (participation optional)
  • “Visual Sensemaking” session
  • online yoga session
  • support via messenger group between the calls
All video calls will happen on zoom.
The exact schedule will be adjusted to the time zones of the participants.

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