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A New Home on the Internet

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a New Home on the Internet

It took me years, but now it’s done …

Sometimes things take time. I had that good old faithful website that I created back when I was still in artschool with only a handfull of clients. It followed me allong my journey, changed with me as I evolved, took turns and grew. I knew one day I would need a new, more flexible and more professional home in this world called “Internet” but you know the game: There’s a client project and then there’s the next client project and in between you have to do tax declarations, want to go on holidays and so on and so on. And so these “not so urgent” projects end up at the end of the to do list again and again. Until you finally make the decision to do it. That’s what I did and this website is what I came up with.

In the next weeks and month this side will probably grow, I am planning to add more information along the way. I might also add a German version in the future. So far I am very happy to have this version 1.0 out there – and I hope you enjoy it!